Welcome to teho Labs documentation wiki. We hope to have very comprehensive documentation here for you and will be adding to this all of the time.

Under each board's documentation there is a project links page where you can link to projects you have made, and an errata page where you can report issues with your board for review by our engineers or users who want to help out.

Development Boards

Procyon - 80 MHz ARM Cortex M3 with SDRAM, Ethernet, SD, USB (OTG) host support up to 5W

Eridani - 50 MHz ARM Cortex M3 with USB (OTG) device/host support up to 5W

Cygni - 50 MHz ARM Cortex M3 with USB Device support

MSPism - A MSP430 + ISM Radio development/sensor platform


basicUART - A low cost 3.3/5V USB UART board

CPiLD - A CPLD board for Raspberry Pi

quietPower - A bipolar low noise power supply

Open Hardware Projects

openHiFi - A high quality home music player

openHiFi2 - New open HiFi project

BlueZigbee - Relay remote control example using Android phone, Bluetooth and Zigbee API mode mesh network

Open Software Projects

tehoKiCADlib - Libraries for KiCAD

BlueScripts - A Bluetooth communication scripting program for Android phones

BluePanel - Bluetooth control of remote system with XML generated user interfaces for Android phones

tehoLogistics - A program for managing inventory and optimizing costs for electronics production

Tool and Toolchain Guides


UART say a! - A comparison of setting up a UART on several microcontrollers

Other stuff

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