Cygni is a general purpose development board based on LM3S3N26 from Texas Instruments. This is a Cortex M3 ARM microcontroller running at 50 MHz with 64 KB of Flash and 12 KB of SRAM.

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Cygni Design

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Board Overview

The Cygni PCB design to work with all LM3S3x26 series parts. However use of any chip other than LM3S3N26 will require changes in the example software (linker files and makefiles will require changes).

The LM3S3x26 series parts are identical except for the memory sizes:

Part Number Flash (kB) SRAM (kB)
LM3S3826 256 32
LM3S3J26 128 20
LM3S3N26 64 12
LM3S3W26 32 8
LM3S3Z26 16 6

The main features of LM3S3x26 are:

  • 50 MHz Cortex M3
  • USB Device
  • ROM Peripheral Driver Library
  • 3 UART
  • 2 SPI
  • 2 I2C
  • 8 10-bit A/D channels (1 MSPS)
  • 4 Timers
  • 33 GPIO
  • 32 Channel DMA
  • 2 Watchdog timers

For additional features and details please refer to the datasheets.

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