MSPism is an MSP430 based development board designed to be a low cost ISM radio host.

The board can be used for regular MSP430 development, remote sensor application, Xbee radio replacement (in some cases), and other remote control/communication applications. It allows for battery operation if desired.

MSPism software is under active development.

MSPism Design details

Board Overview

The design is based on TI's MSP430G2x53 (MSP430G2453 or MSP430G2553) and Nordic's nRF24L01+.

Specifically it is designed to work tightly with this module from MDFly. The same module is also available on eBay from China directly for ~ 3 dollars (checked 8/14/11).

MSPism is designed with low power use in mind, for when it is powered via a LiPo battery.

It is important not to attach two power sources to the board at once! Do not attach a battery and a USB UART that will power the board at once!

Programming the board can be done via Ti's Launchpad using the Test and Reset pins.

The board has headers that are pin compatible with Digi's Xbee radios (2 mm). As well as breadboard compatible 0.1” headers. It also contains a header that is compatible with BasicUART (same pinout as Sparkfun's FTDI Basic) for UART communications and powering the board.

MSP430G2x53 contains hardware UART, SPI and I2C interfaces. It also has ADC and an internal temperature sensor.

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