This is a project that will be developed in parallel with the procyon development board. We currently plan to use a permissive license for this project.

The goal is to create a fully modular reference HiFi stereo digital music player.

There will be the following boards:

  • Processing (Procyon based)
  • User Interface
  • Power
  • DAC/Output

Here are the rough block diagrams for how the modular system concept is at this time, you can of course replace any board you wish:

The goal is a player that will play codecs useful for stereo music reproduction the goal implementation order is:

  • WAV/RIFF and similar
  • FLAC
  • FLAC with cue sheets
  • OGG

Patented formats are unlikely due to royalties.

Source Code

The firmware source code for this project is hosted at gitHub.

The project depends on linking to a port of ffmpeg's FLAC decoder (LGPL library)

Current progress

DAC board WM8740 based - Version 1 Done

Firmware - USB mass storage, FLAC and WAV output for 44.1 KHz/16-bit

Video of progress

Next steps

Firmware add library management system

Firmware user interface spec (UART controlled)

User interface board design

Improve DAC board (?)

Power supply board design …

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