Procyon is a general purpose development board with special features for Ethernet, USB, and audio applications.

It is based on Luminary Micro/Texas Instruments LM3S9x9x series of parts. The initial MCU is LM3S9B90.

Getting started with Procyon

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Procyon Design

Partslist and Assembly guide

Procyon Board Errata

Board Overview

Procyon is complex compared with Cygni or even Eridani. We have tried to keep costs reasonable but not by reducing the feature set.

Procyon has enough resources that it should be an excellent platform for most applications that are simple enough to run without an OS (although an RTOS could be used on this if desired).

Large amounts of memory for storage can be accessed either from a microSD card or from a mass storage device attached to the USB host port.

Any currently needed data can be stored in the large SDRAM for processing. Execution out of the SDRAM is also possible enabling a variety of bootloading schemes.

The board contains the following features:

  • 80 MHz, 100 Pin Cortex M3 Processor
  • 16 MB SDRAM accessed on a 50 MHz EPI bus
  • USB Host/Device/OTG port
  • microSD card slot (Attached to SSI1/SPI1)
  • 10/100 Ethernet
  • I2S header for DAC output interface
  • Up to 24 GPIOs available
  • 3 UART, 2 I2C, 1 CAN, 2 SPI/SSI (one shared with microSD card)
  • 10-bit ADCs
  • General purpose timers: four 32-bit or eight 16-bit
  • FTDI/Basic UART debug/program interface, on 16 pin GPIO/configuration header
  • Three 10 pin headers for daughter boards
  • 20 Pin JTAG Header
  • User LED and User switch

For additional features and details please refer to the datasheets.

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