Eridani Board

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Eridani is an easy to use, inexpensive, ARM development board for the LM3S3651. Development boards often add a lot of stuff you don’t really need which increases the cost and takes away valuable pins! We have stolen only 4 pins all of which are needed for the JTAG interface.

Here is what you get:

  • Complete documentation of use with free tools
  • 50 MHz Cortex M3 (Thumb2, 1.25 DMIPS/MHz)
  • 128 kB Flash
  • 32 kB SRAM
  • USB OTG/Host/Dev port with up to 10W of switched host power
  • Up to 29 user available GPIOs (5V tolerant)
  • 1 I2C, 1 UART, 1 SPI
  • 8x 16 bit or 4x 32 bit timers
  • 24 bit systick timer
  • 2 analog comparators
  • 4 channel 10 bit ADC (500 thousand samples/s)
  • 32 DMA channels
  • ROM Peripheral library
  • User LED and button
  • Develop using UART, standard JTAG, or Ti ICDI interfaces

The Eridani is easy to use because of the great job Luminary Micro, now a part of Ti, did designing and documenting the Stellaris microcontrollers. There are some very good development kits for the Stellaris line but kits in this class range are all more expensive and rely on commercial development environments. Our documentation will help you get started using free tools, using as little as a UART. For more information on the design of this board and for the full documentation please continue reading here.